Some Harsh Truths About Making Money Blogging-Part 2

This is The second Part of this series. You can read previous part of this series here:

 Some Harsh Truths About Making Money Blogging-Part 1

Writing in Air:

If you are a good blogger with writing skills, and writing posts without knowing what your readers are demanding about, than you are writing content in the air by guessing that user will like this content.

For knowing about the demand of your readers you have to do proper keyword research that what your readers are finding about. You can use Google Ad words Keywords Tool for that purpose, there are lots of other tools in the market (also paid) but we will recommend you Google’s own Keyword Tool for that purpose.

Bad Social Media strategy:

bad social media strategy

Let us believe that you have done lot of hard work for writing the content, but what if you are not doing it proper social media marketing. You just have created some social media profiles and set them on autopilot?

Please try to understand that the users of Social Media are growing day by day, you can have lot of customers if you will start a proper social marketing of your content. Try to build up an engagement with people on social media, by using a little effort you can have lot of daily readers for your blog and intentially you can make lot of money.

Not Doing Proper marketing of content:

Some bloggers do much effort in writing the content but do not spread it properly. They do not make proper Back Links towards it and also not do its proper marketing. They do not do proper promotion, as it is needed after publishing content. If you do not promote content properly after publishing it, you will be missing the traffic you can get through that promotion.

Not having a product:

Try to make a product

If you are doing everything properly and still not getting much traffic and customers, then this can also be one reason that you are not having your own product. People, who have their own product, grab out more customers as compared to the ones not having any product.

Try to create some product like E-Book or something like that and offer it to the readers and customers. Try to present your product for free like giving an E-Book in exchange of subscribing to your News Letter.

Should have some luck:

have some luck

You should also have some luck after doing all these efforts. So try to be lucky (we know that you are having no control on it). Try to pray to God that you should succeed.

Not everyone can make money online:

If you are doing lot of hard work in Blogging and still not making much money, try to understand that everyone is not born for making money blogging. Try to start another business and do hard work in that.

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