The Perfect Way of Preparing For Exams in a Week

I know every one is worried about his/her exams. Here is a Perfect way of Preparing for exams in a week or less time. Exams are one of the challenges which are faced by every one who’ve been successful in his life. To get success, you have to learn.

If you are youngster like me than this guide is purely for you. I’m preparing for my 9 grade’s board examinations. My exams will be held on 27th Feb, 2013. Now I’m going to tell you the perfect way of preparing exams in a week. So fasten your seat belts  I’m damn sure that you’ll going to read this article till end.

Here are some major plans which I usually do to manage time for my exams and blogging.

1. Say “Bye” to your Computer and Social Network Sites:


Say Bye To Computer!

I know it hurts but to get attractive marks, you have to do this. Internet is made to save our times but over here something is totally opposite. We’re just wasting our time on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

So the first step you are going to take is to log out from your social media site’s account. Press the Shut Down button, unplug computer’s wire from the electric socket and tada! you’re done. Congratulation Sir, you’ve completed the first step of Managing time for exams.

2. Make A perfect Plan – What to do and what not do!

A perfect plan for each day is the backbone to learn time management. What I did, I’m going to present in front of you:

I went to the market and bought a Diary. Filled down the Basic Information of myself on the first page of the diary. Now turn the page of that diary, you will see a blank page. Now I only have 7 Days left in my exams, I totally have 7 subjects to prepare i-e Maths, Physics, Biology, Islamiat, Urdu, Chemistry and English.

Each subject have 11 Chapters at all. Now multiply 11 chapters with 7 subjects you’ll get “77 Chapters” OMG this is really insane. But don’t worry, now divide these 77 Chapters with 7 days you’ll get 11 Chapters to prepare for one day.

Congratulation you’ve learnt the basics of math and completed the 2nd step. Now I’m going to present the most important step to the perfect way of preparing for exams.  Keep reading 🙂

3. Read The Text Book Thoroughly

I know many people who start to Ritz the notebook. Such guys waste their precious time on ritzing a questions of paragraphs. The most effective way of learning something is to read that paragraph or question thoroughly and keep concentrating on what you are reading. Don’t waste your time on rhyming. It’s useless and time-wasting.

4. Learn what the diagrams say!

Diagrams, probably the most important part of any question, I usually learn the diagrams and see them with my full concentration and practice them on a blank page of my rough copy. Now try to memorize the diagram and draw it on a separate page.

5. Take rest! You’re not a Robot!

Tired? Take rest

Yes, I know you are not any sort of Robot. Always take rest of 5-10 minutes. Don’t make it 20-40 minutes. Drink plenty of water while you are learning something and try to eat something which gives you energy. I usually buy Chocolates for myself. Chocolates give me more energy use on memorizing something.

6. You hate Maths? What to do now?

Oh Math!

Oh come on! Maths is my favorite subject. I’m going to give you a formulae which will help you to understand and to learn maths the right way. Math means Prentice, start practicing your math chapters. I usually give 1-2 hours to Maths. I practice too much and this is why I know maths completely.

7. What about other Subjects?

Steal Ideas!

To learn the other subjects you just have to know the concept of prescribed lesson or chapter. Each question in your textbook have chance to come in your board examination. Try to learn what lesson or what concept that chapter have.

8. Write in your wording!

Writing in your own wording have 2 benefits


  • You’ll get good marks:
    Writing in your own words catches the attention of your the checker. The checker will never claim that the question are being copied from other boys or from somewhere else.
  • It is a well know fact that when you write something identical to the textbook, it will automatically attract attention of checker and he will think that you have copied those answers from others and he’ll not give you attractive marks. Better to write in your own wordings.
  • Self Writing is a Gem! It’ll be improved in you:
  • This is really why I love to write in my own words. I never write the same answers which are present in textbook or book. Try to change the words. You’ll feel that now you are an improved writer. I write too much related to my studies.

9. Start Preparing!

I did my best to give you my secret tactics that allow me to write myself. The content which I write on blogs is purely genuine. Just because of my quality which I use in my exams.

Ok now Close this window, Turn of your PC and Start making a schedule you don’t have enough time. Its time to rock.

Happy Examing 😀

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