The Safe Way To Sit And Use Your Laptop

As fast the world is developing and daily new gadgets are invented to ease the people. Beside giving advantage to users, there is also a lot of problems which are created by the new invented Gadgets.

Today we’ll talk about the Gadget which is used almost in every corner of the world. The Laptop!

Yes, Laptop is one of most trouble creating gadget ever made. Many people don’t the right way to use it. The usually lay down on a bed of Sofa and start surfing the internet or any other work they do on laptop. They’re not aware from the threats and the severe problems which can be caused easily.

The best way using laptop is that; you should always take care of your back. Recently, one of my friend and had his back operation just because of using laptop with uncommon sitting position. So, today I’m going to present the right way of using Laptop with you. Please take care of your health. Health Is wealth!

Place The Laptop on The Table While Using At Home

While you use your laptop at your home it is much essential for every one who loves his health to keep the laptop on the table. The most prefered way of using laptop. Further I’ll recommend you to, buy a comfortable computer desk and a chair. Remember, always keep the screen of laptop in front of your eyes. Never twist your legs while sitting on the chair in front of computer desk.

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Use Separate Keyboard and Mouse

Using separate keyboard and mouse is most effective way to cut stretch. It almost helps you to save your energy which is consumed by your hand while typing and clicking.


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Always take break after some time

Never ever use you laptop for a long time. Always have a break. I’ll recommend you to have a break after an hour, or two. It will cut pressure from your brain.

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Keep drinking juices or water

Drinking water of juices give you calories which will help you to gather more energy and work easily on your projects.

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Slouching Causes Troubles

While using laptop on your lap causes you to slouch, and slouching causes spine problems. So, if you want to use your laptop on your lap then it’s much necessary to put your laptop bag on your lap and then place your laptop on the laptop bag. It will give your laptop a little more height and prevent you from slouching and spine problems.

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So guys this was all what I could mention here.. If you want me to add any other tip so please drop your comment bellow. And I’ll add that tip to this post.

Thanks for reading. Share this knowledge with your friends.

See ya!


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