Three major Issues for Pakistani Youth

Pakistan is among few privileged states having important geographical location, prevalence of all four weathers, tons of mineral resources, and young & energetic youth. All these ingredients are enough to make a successful country, however youth resource is the most essential one.

It is because youth have the ability, commitment and energy to turn the unfavorable circumstances into the opportunity and then grab that opportunity to achieve the desired results for their country.

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Youth population of Pakistan is around 60% of the total population, it means out of every five persons three Pakistanis are youth. That’s really great for the country. However that is not the full picture, instead of having great proportion of young population country is unable to get any benefit from it.

Currently Pakistani youth is facing some serious issues, and if these issues are not properly addressed then such a valuable resource will become a burden for the country instead of having Allah’s blessing.

Following are the youth issues which need to be addressed only then our youth will able to add their share to the country’s growth.


The first and foremost problem for Pakistani youth is the prevalent education system of the country. Currently there is no single education standard. There are multiple education standards; one operating as government institutes, another English medium, facilitating the children of upper class families and yet another in shape of madrasas.

If we closely analyze all three education systems so no single system provides all necessary things essential for the development of student. On one side government institutes lack required educational advancements that have took placed in the recent years.

On the other hand English medium institutes having the full fledged facility of modern day sciences promotes western culture and leads secularism which is very dangerous for an Islamic states. Again there are some problems with religious madrasas as they fully neglect the daily sciences equally important for the development of any nation.

So when youth living in one country will come out from three different education systems so they will have different abilities, different apprehension levels and different life approaches. Therefore it is quite essential for the policy makers to give a single education system for the country meeting all the essential criteria so that our youth can get out of the confusion of selecting education system for themselves; and differences in their thoughts and opinions could be minimized.


The talent of Pakistani youth has been crushed for many years but time is proving that Pakistani youth is the most talented youth worlds have ever seen. Youth around the western world gets grooming from the developed organizations however Pakistani youth is only youth that is making records in the field of technology, computer science and sports without the availability of properly structured learning institutes.

The youth that is making achievements at national and international levels have done so because they got the opportunity. From getting job opportunity to learn the technical skills and from getting admission in the medical college to any other thing; talented youth of the country is facing very tough time.

The current loyalty based (Talent crushing) system working inside each department of the state is compelling our youth to focus on illegal ways instead of further polishing their skills and abilities.

Because the old system has taught them that they will get good job only if they have strong connections with any minister instead of having good skills. If our country is unable to give fair opportunities to the youth then their talent will keep on wasting that will prove disastrous for the whole country.


Entertainment is an important activity to keep oneself amused for the little time period. Entertainment is important for every person and especially for the youth. However it is equally important to differentiate entertainment from any immodest and immoral practices.

My meaning of entertainment is totally opposite to how it is define in the western societies. For me entertainment means Sports, games, debates that amuse oneself in the productive way.

Unfortunately while living in Pakistan you has no choice to get entertained yourself instead of staying at home watching tv or surfing internet. You don’t have any structured sports grounds, any national or local festivals, hardly any provincial level debates, very few amusement parks and gaming lounges. In this situation youth is susceptible to adopt negative ways of getting entertained their selves.

Therefore it is quite essential to offer youth with required educational system and opportunities along with way of positive entertainment so that youth can work hard and add their share in the growth of their beloved Pakistan.

12 thoughts on “Three major Issues for Pakistani Youth”

  1. Here i want to acknowledge you your article is fabulous ,because you had discussed very simple way these things are very common but every body did’t considered. its good and done great job.

    basically my subject is psychology now these days am writing article for newspaper. am also doing work on career counseling .i want to get permission can i use some material form your article.. will not be plagiarized .

  2. Allah,s blessing on Pakistani youth and looking forward let’s see what happens to us just hope on Allah everything will be fine soon……..

  3. Youth confined in prisons should also be given due priority, because these elements are neglected and worst form of society. What do we except from our youth, who have not been provided quality education, employment and productive activities in the society, and most of the youth criminals finally found way out to survive not only for them but for their families/parents. We need to provide them opportunities inside the prison to bring them at right path by way of counselling, education and skill training.


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