Top 10 Best Happy New Year FB Covers

New year’s event is the most loved event celebrated in overall world. Every one wishes his fellows, relatives, siblings and friends. Indeed, Facebook is the best platform for we all to share the new year’s happiness with our friends and family members. For this purpose the way I celebrate is to change my Facebook’s Cover to Happy New year cover photo.

I’ve collected 10 Best Happy New Year Covers for Facebook And I’m sure you’ll love it. Let’s begin the list.

 1. Lightening New Year Wishes

2. Happy new Year Flame Style

3. Happy New Year Coke Style

4. Happy New Year in Yellow Text

5. Club Mix New Year Wishes

6. Shining New Year

7. Happy New Year Analog Style

8. Good By 2012

9. 2013 Please Be Good

10. Chromium New Year 2013


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