Top 10 iPhone Apps that you should have

iPhone is used by millions and making loyal customers everyday. With iPhone you can’t only call or text someone but you can do many things with it.Therefore I am listing Top 10 iPhone apps that you must have with you.

Top 10 iPhone Apps:

These apps will not only entertain you but keeps you up-to-date with all the latest happenings. So whether you are in your home or at your business or even you are travelling these apps will surely help you alot. So lets start the list.

Top 10 iPhone Apps you must have:


Facebook is the leading social network having more than 600 million users. You can share your travel experiences with your family and friends with one touch using Facebook. You can upload photos and update your status as well. So if you are travelling from one place to another you must have this app.


Twitter is the second largest social network having more than 300 million users. You can express your feelings in 140 words. If you are a Twitter addict like me then you should install this app in your iPhone. Therefore Twitter has successfully got 2nd position in our list of Top 10 iPhone apps.


Everyone knows that you can find almost every kind of videos on YouTube after all its the biggest video sharing website. Being the biggest video sharing platform YouTube has got third position in this list of Top 10 iPhone apps. You can watch videos during travel if you have some kind of boring feel!


Instagram should be installed on every phone. This is the best picture sharing app. Whenever I go out to do something interesting I keep all the memories in the form of pictures and share them with my friends using Instagram. So you should use this app if you haven’t used so far.

5)Four Square:

Another great app in our list of Top 10 iPhone apps is Four Square. Well,if you want to keep yourself updated from your friends and client location then this app is for you! Using this app you can find out location of your family member as well. So this app should also be installed in your iPhone.


If you run your personal blog or any business blog/website then WordPress is the only app that helps you to manage all you WordPress blogs using the app. You can add new posts,give replies to your users and much more! If you are a blogger then this post will help you to do more posts right from your iPhone.


StumbleUpon is also a popular social network among US citizens. Every time you will click on StumbleUpon you will see a new webpage having content of your interest. This is an interesting app that you should have in your iPhone.


If you are moving to a new place then this is a must have iPhone app. Yelp helps you find restaurants,hotels,shopping malls and much more things for your mentioned place. Therefore we have chosen Yelp for our Top 10 iPhone apps list.


If you want to schedule your social media posts then HootSuite is the best app for you. I am using this app to schedule posts for my friends connected with me on different social networks. Best thing about HootSuite is that you can schedule your posts from different social networks with one click and that too for FREE!


To keep yourself connected with your clients you surely need this app. LinkedIn is used by millions of professionals. If you are one of them then you should install this app in your iPhone if you don’t want to miss any job opportunity. LinkedIn on App Store.

These were the Top 10 iPhone apps that you must have. If you think we have missed any app you can mentioned it in comment below. Keep sharing 🙂

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