Top 10 medical colleges in Pakistan

Medical colleges and engineering universities of any country play very important role in the progress of its nation. In this era of science and technology every student want to be a doctor or an engineer so that he can play his role in the progress of his country. By the grace of God Pakistan literacy ratio is increasing day by day. No doubt after few years Pakistan will become the land of  educated people who know how to run his country on the road of progress and development. Here i am sharing the list of top 10 medical colleges in pakistan

1)King Edward  Medical University


King Edward  Medical University is one of most famous and oldest Medical University of Pakistan. It is situated in Lahore and this Medical University is attached with Mayo Hospital. In this Medical University students are educated by best doctors and professors. Students are facilitated by best labs and operation theaters. It is a dream of every pre medical student to get admission in this Medical University

2) Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore


Allama Iqbal Medical College is also the one of famous medical college of Pakistan .It is also Situated in Lahore and attached with Jinnah hospital.

3) Nishtar Medical college Multan


At the third place in list of  top 10 medical colleges in pakistan Nishtar Medical college is present. It is present in Multan The Land Saints and Tombs.It is named after great politician Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar. This is the second oldest medical college of Pakistan.

4)Fatima Jinnah Medical College For Women


Named after Fatima Jinnah The Fatima Jinnah Medical College is situated in Lahore. This college is affiliated with Ganga Ram hospital.

5)Army Medical College


Army Medical College is a military institute located in Rawalpindi

6)CMH Lahore Medical College


CMH Lahore Medical College is also a well-known Medical college and attached with Combined Military Hospital

7)Quaid-e-Azam Medical College


It is the only Medical institute of northern Punjab of Bahawalpur and it is attached with Victoria Hospital.

8)Khyber Medical College


Khyber Medical college is among one of the most oldest colleges of Pakistan. it is affiliated with Peshawar Medical University.

9) Punjab Medical College


Punjab Medical College is located in Faisalabad and it is attached with Allied Hospital.

10)Jinnah Medical and Dental College


Jinnah Medical and Dental College (JMDC) is located in Karachi. It is affiliated with University of Karachi. Jinnah Medical and Dental College was established Since 1998.

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