Top Twitter Marketing Tips for Small and Large Businesses

Twitter is one of the best social network to promote your product. Therefore I have combined Top Twitter marketing tips that can be use by both small and big businesses.

According to the statistics of March 2013,there are more than 500 Million twitter users and 200 million of them are active users.So you can promote your product to millions of users by adopting the right marketing tips. Below we have listed some of the best twitter marketing tips that will help you to grow your business.

Tell the world,who you are:

So the first thing for successful marketing is that you should complete your Twitter profile. Explain yourself in three lines. People before following you,will look into your website and if they find your profile useful they will start following you. Therefore fill your profile carefully and upload an attractive and beautiful picture.

Include a link to your blog:

Another good way,for marketing is that you should include a link to your products or website. So that interested people will visit your website and your product will get good exposure.

Keep in touch:

One of the best tip for marketing is that you should keep in contact with your customers whether they are on twitter or not. By providing good customer services over Twitter your product will be promoted indirectly. How? If you are providing good services to your customers,they will surely tell their friends and relatives to buy products from you because of your good customer support. In this way,your product will be promoted indirectly.

Follow back and be polite:

If your customers follow you on Twitter,try to follow them back.In this way they will become happy. Remain polite with them. Reply them carefully. Don’t use harsh words or such type of words in which they feel their insult.

What they want? Ask them!:

When marketing your products,it is must to ask your customers if they are happy with your product or not? Whether they want some changes in your product? Are they happy with the quantity and quality of your product? In this way,you will get good ideas to improve your product.By changing your product according to customers wish you will see increase in your product’s sales.

Use the right tools:

It will not be possible for you to remain in contact with your followers 24/7. Therefore use tools to schedule your tweets. One of the advantage of scheduling is this that your scheduled tweet will be posted on time and hence it will get more exposure. Hootsuite is the best tool that you can use to schedule your tweets.

Build lists:

A great option that Twitter provides is”Lists“.You can create different lists for your specific group of followers. Suppose you are selling something related to websites,you can tweet this to the list of your followers interested in web development or something like that.

Use power of Hashtags:

Hastags are more powerful than you thought. You will get to know the power of Hastags after using it. These are helpful when you are promoting a specific product. If you are selling an Apple iPhone,your tweet will get more exposure by using hastag. An example is given below: Selling iPhone without hastag:

“Hi,iPhone 5 for sale on cheap price”.

Selling iPhone with hashtag:

Hi,#iPhone5 for sale on cheap price”.

So what’s the difference between both the tweets? The first tweet don’t have hashtag and it will get less exposure. While the second tweet because of hastag will get more exposure.

Join chats:

There are some tools through which you can chat with your followers and with other people. Tweetchat is an amazing tool to use for conversation. You don’t need to signup on TweetChat. You can sign in with your Twitter account. After signing in,follow the hashtag of your choice. Use the hashtag that represents your product. By chatting and interacting,you can increase your sales.

Tweet at the right time:

Because of the differences of timezones,there are chances that your customers can’t reach towards your promoted product on Twitter. Therefore,choose the best time through which your producr will get more attention. As I said earlier,use Tweet scheduling apps for better exposure of your post.

Use specific keywords:

Before promoting your product,do a keyword research and use the keyword(s) in your tweet that describes your product perfectly. You can use Google Adwords Tool to search your required keyword.

Connect LinkedIn account with Twitter account:

A good tip for Twitter marketing that Stephanie Sammons,founder of Wired Advisor shared is that you should connect your Twitter account with LinkedIn account for better visibility of your product. Add a link of your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account so that your LinkedIn friends or customers will follow you on Twitter. These were the best twitter marketing tips that you just read. If you found these tips helpful do share them with the people of the same category. After all sharing is caring ;). If you have any other twitter marketing tip or tips for our readers,you can leave it in the comment box below.

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