Top 5 Incredible World Records

Who doesn’t loves the interesting world records. Every one loves it. Same here. Today I’m going to present a list of 5 most incredible world records ever made. Let’s begin

1. Tallest Dog
This dog was named Zeus by her Owner. her owner is always asked a question that “Is this a Horse or Dog” 😀
This dog was given the title of Tallest Living Dog in the world. And in our list it is ranked number on in Incredible World Records.
Tallest Dog
2. Largest Man Biceps
OMG this man have got the Largest Bicep in the world. Mustafa Ismail is from egypt and he is the holder of this world record. He trains six days a week and eats six meals a day. His biceps are 25.5 inches when ballooned. This is really an Incredible World Records.

Largest Man Biceps

3. Most Piercings on Face
When ever listen the word Pierce suddenly our minds redirects towards the Ouch word.
If you think that piercing hurts then look at him he Rocks

Most Piercing on Face

4. Largest Shoes Collection
Wow she’ve got really a huge collection of shoes. If you are also willing to get in this list so start collecting your shoes. She have got a really unbreakable world record

Largest Shoes Collection

5. World’s Longest Fingernails
Eww sounds weird but she made a world record just by growing her nails 😛
Just imagine how she would be feeding her self. How she will be eating meals!


So guys this was our list of Top 5 Incredible World Records. If you want to make any addition or want to suggest any other world record then must comment and if you loved this must share with you friends.

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