Top 5 Largest Deserts of World

Deserts are such areas of our planet where population is negligible. Deserts are such landscape where amount of rain fall is very low. There are both type of deserts cold deserts and hot deserts. About 33% area of  our earth crust is covered by deserts. Here is the list of 5 largest deserts of the world.

1)Antarctic Dessert

Antarctic Dessert is the largest desert  of the world. The area of  this desert is about 14,245,000 square kilometers. The land surface of this desert is covered by snow all the time that is the reason due to which geologists called it cold desert. This is the one of most highest place of our earth. Antarctic Dessert is a home land of thousand penguins. The amazing thing is that unless tons of ice the atmosphere of  Antarctic Dessert is very much dry and only 2% humidity level is present in atmosphere. This desert is present in fifth largest continent of the world named Antarctica.



2) Arctic Desert

Arctic desert is the second largest desert of the world. This is also a type of cold desert. the area of  Arctic Desert is about 62300 sq.mile. This desert is located in Alaska ,Canada ,Finland ,Greenland ,Norway and Sweden. The humidity  level in this desert  is very low about equal to sahara desert. The percentage of annual rain fall is less than 2%. there are some animals such as wolverines , ermines and squirrels are present in the cold atmosphere of Arctic desert.

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3) Sahara Desert 

Sahara desert is the third largest desert of the world . It is the world largest hottest desert. This deadly desert is present in continent Africa . This desert is spread over area of 9,400,000 square kilometres.yhe rain fall in this world hottest desert is less than three inches per year.World dangerous snakes,  scorpions and many other reptiles are also present in this desert.Many volcanic mountains are also present.  In day time the sand and rocks of sahara desert are hot as fire but in night time the temperature of sahara desert become very low.In this desert to get away from your track means only death.


4) Arabian Desert 

Arabian desert is the fourth largest desert of world. It is also one of hottest desert of world . The most part of this desert is present in Saudi Arabia. The area of this desert is about 2330000 sq km. Many mountain ranges having height of about 3700 m are also present in this desert. The percentage rainfall of per yer is very low . There are some villages present in this desert but the overall population is negligible. Like sahara desert temperature difference between day and night is very reasonable. This desert is also a homeland  of snakes , scorpions and camels.




Gobi desert is the fifth largest desert of the world . It is the third biggest cold desert . This desert is present in China and the southern part of  Mngolia. The area of this desert is about. The area of this desert is about  500000 sq mile. The percentage of rain fall is less than 30mm per year. The temperature is different in winter and summer season . In winter cold and unbearable winds blow which freeze every thing.


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