Top 5 most Deadliest snakes of the world

Snakes are the one of  most dangerous and deadliest reptile of the world. Snakes are the wonderful creation of the nature. There are many amazing facts about body of snakes . By seeing snakes one can never thought that snakes have bones but it is an interesting fact that snakes have skeleton, backbone and ribs which are covered by tight muscles. Snakes have no legs but snakes are one of most fastest reptiles. They have no external ears but they can hear a very low frequency sound. One of most interesting fact is that snakes change their skin after almost one year

There are two types of snakes present in this world one is that which are not harmful and other are that who kill with just one bite . Their poison penetrate in the body of living thing and kill its victim.

Here i am sharing the list of  top 5 most Deadliest snakes of the world.

1)Black Mamba

Black Mamba is one of most deadliest snake of the earth crust. Mostly Black mamba are found in jungles of Africa and also seen in Sahara desert. It is second longest venomous snake of the world. The c0lor of  Black mamba is not actually black thin skin color is gray but they are called Black mamba because of their inside mouth color which  which  they display when threatened. Black mamba is the fastest snake of African jungles. The poison of Black mamba is highly toxic which kill its victim in few moments.


2)Blue Krait

The second most deadly  snake of World is known as Blue Krait. The average length of Blue Krait is about 3.5 feet. There are Dark brown and black patches on its body.Blue Krait snake is mostly found in Thailand, Singapore and  in Southeast Asia . Few drops of its poison are sufficient to kill its victim.


3)Tiger Snake

With a length of  approximately 1.5 meter Tiger Snake is the the third most venomous of world. Tiger Snake is mostly found in  southern regions of Australia and islands of Tasmania. Tiger Snakes are variable in colors but most common color is light brown.


4)Philippine Cobra

The scientific name of Philippine cobra is Naja Philippinensis.The average length of Philippine cobra is 4 feet but it can grow up to 5.5 feet . The poison of Philippine cobra kill its victim very quickly.



The most horror snake found in all over the world is known as vipers. These snakes make noise like whisper by its tale co they named as Viper. The body of viper snakes are highy flexible among all snakes ,It can open its jaws enough widely to swallow small birds or other animals like rats e.t.c


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