What is Peer Pressure? and How to Avoid it

peer pressure

So what is “Peer Pressure“?

Peer pressure is basically a Noun which means “Influence from members of one’s peer group.”

In our society, when some factors of an environment affects on a Person’s Personality, doings and the style of living that is called Peer Pressure. In that environment everything is included, You can include the Class mates of a school or college boy or relatives of a person or even good or bad friends are a part of that peer pressure.

Peer pressure Directly affects the mind and the thinking of a person. It can change the lifestyle of a Person totally. This Peer Pressure hits majorly Youth, Because youth spends more than 60% of his time in Schools, collages, Universities and other organizations.

This pressure can also mostly effect on the younger children as they are not mature in early ages and become prey to this Peer pressure. Also we take effect of peer pressure look cool or for getting more attention, For example, if a cool person of class says you that let’s go to canteen or computer lab instead of taking history lecture, What will you do?, You will surely go with him and will not take that lecture.

Peer pressure can be of two totally opposite nature:

1. Positive Peer pressure.

This type of Peer pressure is, When some friend or any other group of people having good qualities meets a person and becomes his company, He will do nothing but leaving a positive impact on the victim which will surely affect Positively on that person.


Just think for a while, If a person do not pray and start to sit in the company of a person who is religious. What will be the Effect? We can surely say that targeted person will start to be little religious. Or if a person who do not play or do exercise and becomes a part of friends or a group which plays football or whatever and do lots of exercise, than targeted person will start paying little attention to exercise.

2. Negative Peer Pressure.

This is kind of peer pressure which affects negatively on a person. This is worst kind of Peer Pressure. This type of pressure directly effects and spreads fastly as compared from above mentioned.

If some person starts to sit in a company of Smokers and he didn’t smoked ever, than it is sure that he will start to smoke or even start taking drugs if his fellows(peers) are so.

How to Avoid Peer Pressure.

Say no to Negative Peer pressurePeer Pressure only works according to the effect you take of that Peer or your inner strength for facing that pressure, it means that if you want to want to take maths lecture and your friend(who is the coolest boy of class room) says you to go to canteen with him you will refuse that. and again you should have enough strength for facing that.


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