Why I Like Blogger.com as a Platform?

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the best Blogging platform available Online which people uses to make various types of blogs for free. Blogger is owned by Google and was launched in 1999. It was created by a man named Pyra Labs and later on Google bought it in year 2003 by paying a huge amount. 

There are Millions of Blogs registered on Blogger most of which are on Subdomains for free while you can also register a blogger blog on custom domain.  the best competitor of blogger in blogging platforms is WordPress and this debate often keeps on taking place that whether Blogger is better or WordPress?

Mostly newbies uses Blogger while experienced bloggers goes for WordPress. Many people starts their blogs on Blogger and after getting some success they migrates to wordpress.

Well i think both Blogger and WordPress have their own advantages and disadvantages. i personally prefer blogger over wordpress and reasons for that are following.

1 a Blogger blog can never get hacked due to amazing security setup by Google unlike wordpress blogs which can get hacked.

2 Hosting on Blogger is absolute free no matter how much data you store?

3 On Blogger it is much easier to setup a new blog and start posting as compare to wordpress.

4 a new Blogger blog gets indexed in Google Search much earlier than a new WordPress blog.

5 Some SEO experts claims that Google loves Blogger because Google owns it and that is why Blogger Blogs gets better Ranking in Google Search.

These are some of the reasons which makes me love Blogger. Of Course other bloggers can disagree with me on it 🙂

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