How to run windows 8 on a virtual machine

Windows 8 is the latest product of Microsoft©. It has pretty nice and cool features. But due to new features and styles it’s hard to newbie to run windows 8 without any problem, mean you take some time to get familiar with window8 new look. I know you are happy with your windows 7 but you desperately want to switch to windows 8 from windows 7, but you also know that you need some time to get familiar with windows 8, Now what to do? Don’t know? Here we have a solution for you on how to run windows 8 virtually. Yes, its simple, convenient and efficient. You can run your windows 8 on your current OS by making virtual machine. It’s cool isn’t it?

Widnow 8

Virtual box and VM ware are the two major software which are widely being used for making virtual machines. Now here we have a step by step guide to set up your own virtual machine for installing windows8. For that purpose we are using Virtual box. You can download it from here  . After downloading and installing the virtual box you need to double click on the desktop icon of the virtual box. Then a dialog box pops up just like that

virtual machine

Now follow the given simple step by step guide to make a virtual machine of windows 8

1-      Click on NEW which are located at top left corner, after clicking on new a dialog box will  pop up  which will ask you the name of operating system you want to install, just enter the operating system name” windows 8” and click on next button.


2-      After clicking on next button another dialog box appears which ask you to set the memory size of your windows 8 virtual machine, I’ll recommend you to set it at least 1gb for windows 8. After setting the amount of ram click on Next


 3- that a dialog box will appear and asks about to create a virtual hard drive , click on second option ”create a virtual hard drive  “ and click on create.


4-Right after that another dialogue box will appear and ask about the type of virtual hard drive. There are six options are available you need to select one of them. Select the first option VDI (virtual disk image) and click on next.

window 8

5-After that a dialog box will appear and ask about to set the amount of hard disk space for your windows 8 virtual machine. There are two options their first one is Dynamically allocated and the second one is fixed size. Select dynamic allocated and click on next.

window 8 virtual machine

  6-Right after of that another dialogue box will pop up and ask about file allocation and virtual hard drive size. Actually virtual hard drive is filed which is saved on your hard drive just like the other files and other stuff like that, virtual box will consider it is as a separate hard drive but actually virtual hard drive Is nothing more than a simple file. You can select the drive where you  want to save this virtual hard drive by clicking on the folder icon on the top left side of the dialogue box. And you can also select the amount of hard drive which you want to allocate to windows 8 virtual machines for windows 8 I’ll recommend you to set at least 20gb spaces… if you have a bigger hard drive than you can allocate the space as much you want. After setting the location and size of hard drive click on create.


Right after this you can  see a tab on the left side of your virtual box on which  windows 8 is written.

Now it’s time to do some important settings right click on this windows 8 written tab and click on  settings a dialogue box will pop up then click on storage and then click on controller IDE and then click on CD drive icon underneath of it  and then see on your left side you can see easily CD/DVD drive icon click on it and select your windows 8 images on your hard drive and click on o.k.

Now it’s all done you have created a windows 8 virtual machine. Now just lick on start which is located on top right corner and it will start then its all the same process to install the windows 8 as in normal.   The main advantage of using virtual machines  is that you can as many operating systems simultaneously as you want at the same time. But for that purpose definitely you need to have a faster processor and good amount of ram as well.

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  1. Nice Info Ismail bro, I am also thinking to switch over t windows 8 fro windows 7 but because but not much information I am delaying my decision but after reading your post now I will transfer to windows 8.

    • Thats cool Archie M. de Lara . window is just awesome, many people are not in favor of window 8 but what we can say. any way thanks so much for your nice comment.hope will see you next time also on TheGlobepress.


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