Most Valuable Teams in Sports

Real Madrid tops the ranking of most valuable teams in sports with a total value of around 3.300 million $ with Manchester United at the second spot with 3.165 million $ and Barcelona in third with 2.600 million $.

Last year it was Manchester United which was the most valuable team in the world but this year according to starts, Real Madrid have overtaken the Red Devils with the highest revenue stream of around 650 million $ annually along with the operating income of around 170 million $. Moreover, analysts have termed the success of Real Madrid a pure business model being made by their president Fi Perez who has always signed the best players in the world.

most valuable teams in sports

The list was released by a popular American Magazine Forbes. The astonishing thing in all this is that the three football clubs i.e Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona are all football clubs leading the rankings which clearly shows that football has now become the most popular game in the wold. Moreover, Arsenal another football club came 10th with 1.326 million $ in the list which further consolidates this fact.

The full table is below.

Ranking Team Value in million $
1 Real Madrid 3.300
2 Manchester United 3.165
3 Barcelona 2.600
4 Yankees 2.300
5 Cowboys 2.100
6 Patriots 1.635
7 Dodgers 1.615
8 Redskins 1.600
9 Giants 1.468
10 Arsenal 1.326


It is no surprise that from 4th to 9th spots, American baseball and basketball teams are dominating the list of most valuable teams in the world. Once again, it has to be noted that the above mentioned list is based on all sports teams and not only limited to one or two sports. The magazine has also released lists of most valuable teams in specific sports like football and baseball etc.

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