Top 10 Romantic Movies

Movies on romance and love doesn’t necessarily mean they have a lot to do with romance but it’s all based on the importance of them being given.However, if you are looking to watch movies in romance category then a list of top 10 romantic movies won’t do any bad to you.

Top 10 Romantic Movies
Top 10 Romantic Movies

  1. The Notebook
  2. PS I Love You
  3. 500 Days of Summer
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  5. A Walk to Remember
  6. Moulin Rouge
  7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  8. The Year my Voice Broke
  9. Titanic
  10. Sunset
  11. Love Actually

My personal favorite has been The Notebook where a lower middle class man falls in love with an elite class girl.However, she felt a sense of freedom being with him but were soon separated due to social differences.Both had highs and lows but went through each and every problem they had to face together.The film had an iconic ending when both died together not in a suicide but in a natural way.Second favorite without any doubt is PS I Love You where a dead husband makes his wife live happily for sometime before making her move on from his death.This one is a classic along with A Walk to Remember where the girl died to a blood disease but makes the boy understand the realities of life that hard work is needed in order to achieve anything.Without any doubt, the most famous romantic movie has been Titanic that won many Oscars but there is no doubt that there have been better movies than it.Just like the songs list, again this is entirely my own opinion and it will differ with anyone who reads this.So pardon us, if this hurts your ego or emotions in any possible way if it does.

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