5 Most Richest Footballers Of World

We often see the lists of top footballers of the world but what about the list of most richest footballers of the world? Isn’t it will be interesting to know that which footballers got most wealth? Here is list of 5 most richest footballers of the world.

1) Lionel Messi

According to a survey of 2013 Lionel Messi is named as the most richest player of the year. Lionel Messi is an Argentine footballer. He plays as a forward in his team. He is not only a good player but also the captain of Argentina football team. Recently he is playing in number one football club of the world FC Barcelona. His per year salary  from club is about $22M. More than from his salary Messi earns from sponsors and from commercial adds. Messi is the first player who won title of the player of year 4 times. He also got golden shoe from FIFA.



2) Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo Portugal footballer and also the captain of national football team of his country is the second most richest player of the world. He plays as a striker in a Spanish football club named Real Madrid. Before joining Real Madrid club he plays in Manchester united an English football club.His per year club salary in Real Madrid is about $20M. Christiano Ronaldo is also the famous footballer of the world. He earns more from sponsors and adds as compare to his salary


3) David Beckham

David Beckham an English footballer is counted as the third richest football player of 2013. In last few years David Beckham was the most valuable and richest footballer of the world. He played in many clubs such as Real Madrid,Los Angles, and Manchester United.After his 20 year career he announced his retirement on 16,May 2013. He played his last match on 18th, May 2013. In his career he won many titles for his country and club. He is the one of most famous English world has ever known.


4) Wayne Rooney

In now a days Wayne Rooney is the most costly English player and the fourth richest player of the world in 2013 session. In his club life he started his career from Manchester United and still in this club. His club salary is about $17M per year. He also earns a good amount from sponsors and in adds of different companies. He plays at forward position in his club  and national team.


5) Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres a Spanish footballer is the fifth most richest player of 2013. He is the best attacker of . In 2011 he signed 5 year contract with Chelsea football club.He is the most expensive player of Chelsea in this session. His per year salary is about $16.6M. In his career till now he got many individual awards.


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