Best Midfielders of All Time

These are the players who make their teams tick. These are the players who are the engine of their team. One brilliant pass or one moment of magic and they are able to change course of the game. We have seen great midfielders in the game of football so let us have a look at some of the best midfielders of all time.

1-      Zinedine Zidane

Without shadow of a doubt Zidane is the best player of his generation. The Frenchman have had a fantastic career winning everything that could possibly be won. Let it be the World Cup, European Championships and the Champions League. His goal in the 2002 champions league final still stands as one of the best technical goals in the history of football where his left footed volley proved to be the winner for Real Madrid against Bayern Leverkusen.

2-      Johan Cruyff

The pioneer of football philosophy, Johan Cruyff was rightly called as the greatest player of all time during 90,s. The vision, timing and accuracy of his passing made him one of the best passers in the game. The philosophy he introduced as a player was called as Total Football and it is totally similar to the one with which Barcelona and Spain of today play with. Pass and move, pass and move.

3-      Paul Scholes

Scholes the master tactician at centre of midfield will never get the due credit but still he is rightly there in the list of best midfielders of all time. His career mainly revolves around the success he achieved with Manchester United but yet he is one of the most humblest and most respected players in the history of the game.

4-      Andrea Pirlo


Anrea Pirlo, the name says it all. You need reliance, you need a pass, you need someone to get you of the difficult situation. Pirlo is the name and the player that would make you just do that. Considered as one of the best passers in the game, Pirlo has also won almost everything on offer except for the European Championship with Italy.

5-      Steven Gerrard

Though his success might not match with others but his leadership skills and inspirational performances for his boyhood club Liverpool earns him a right to be in the list of best midfielders of all time. Gerrard single handedly made the winning contribution for the Reds in the greatest ever come back in history of the game where Liverpool drew level 3-3 with AC Milan after ending the first half 3-0.

Surely, there are many other great midfielders who have every right to be there in the list but it was a very hard list to choose from and players like Xaxi and Iniesta are by no way far behind these legends. They are also the legends of their own style in the game.



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