Bullet Train Project Ground Reality

One of the project which Muslim League N Govt announced is Bullet train project. Its a fact that project like bullet train and Motorways play a vital role in boosting country economy but the question arises that, can we afford it?

bullet train

Nawaz Sharif promised to start a bullet train from Peshawar to Karachi, but the ground reality is different which may not lead to his claim. A bullet train without having a sufficient amount of electricity is impossible.

Ongoing 7-8 hour Load shedding and Rs 700 Billion worth of circular debt has made it next to impossible. Bullet train requires 2 billion fuel on each day.

The Train would take passenger from Peshawar to Karachi only in 7 hours. The project would cost 7-8 billion dollars. It also require entirely separate track.
Recently Prime Minister has visited china and traveled in high speed bullet train, were he show his willingness to introduce the same faculty for the people of Pakistan. He was apprised that around 22, 000,00 people traveled daily from Beijing to Shanghai within 4-5 hours.

It was a guest post by Faisal Shehzad. His blog is endopakistan.

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