Does Imran Khan Have a Chance In Elections of 2013?

General Elections takes place in Pakistan after every 5 years. Last General Elections taken place in February 2008 in which Peoples Party Got most seats and formed the Federal Government. Muslim League Nawaz got most seats in Pakistan’s biggest province Punjab and formed Government there. Now 5 years of this Government are about to get over and in next few months elections are expected anytime in 2013.

Imran Khan

The special thing about the 2013 elections is that there will be a new strong player in these elections Imran Khan. Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has got lot of popularity in last couple of years in different areas of Pakistan. Many big political leaders have also joined PTI such as Javed Hashmi and Shah Mehmood Qureshi. the real power of PTI is youth of Pakistan. Youth Loves Imran Khan and sees him as a hero. The provinces where PTI is expected to get more votes are Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In Sindh PTI is not that much popular while the politics of Balochistan is entirely different from other provinces. In Punjab Imran Khan will get seats in big cities where people are educated and aware due to media. However In villages of Punjab N League is expected to win seats. Imran Khan is claiming that his party will sweep in Elections 2013 and will get majority by defeating both N League and PPP.

But does Imran Khan really have a chance in coming Elections? what i think is that PTI will be able to get good no. of seats in next elections but it will not be able to get so much seats that it can form the Government. So whats the reason for that?

Actually Pakistan’s politics is very complicated where lot of factors matter like Castes, Sectarianism, Ethnicity, Sardari system, Money and much more. people prefers these things over national interest. a very large portion of population is uneducated and they will still vote for same old parties because of lack of awareness and knowledge. Many people will vote on orders of their Sardars and Vaderas.

So keeping all these factors in minds it will be really really hard for Imran Khan to sweep the Elections of 2013. However one thing that can go in Imran Khan’s favour is vote of Youth. If Youth came out to vote in very large numbers that can change the situation for PTI. Most of Pakistan’s population is young but they they have not shown much interest in Politics and voting in past elections. Lets see whether Young people comes out to vote this time or not?

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  1. I wish to see Imran Khan as the next PM of Pakistan. But what I think is that due to high illiteracy rate in Pakistan,most of the Pakistani will vote for the family parties like ANP,PML-N etc.


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