Google Will Now Be Less Hard On Adsense Publishers

Google Adsense is the most popular advertising program online for the websites and blogs that publishers uses to monetize their sites and blogs to earn some revenue. According to an estimation there are around 2 million Adsense publishers online. Many people are earning huge amounts from Google Adsense while others fails to earn much depending upon how much successful their websites are?

Google Adsense Program

Over the years many publishers are complaining that Google Adsense is really hard on them and banned their Adsense accounts while they not done anything that was against the policies of Google adsense.  They also not got any warning before getting banned from Google. Most of these publishers gets message of “invalid activity” in their email accounts after getting banned from Adsense but in reality these publishers where never involved in any “invalid activity”. So the question arises that why these publishers gets bans when they done nothing wrong?

Well as we know there are Good and bad people in every community so there are also some bad actors in Online world. These bad actors do click bombardment on Ads of other people or they can also use other tricks like fake traffic which can become cause of “invalid activity” and as a result the Adsense accounts of innocent publishers gets bans.

Seeing this situation and receiving lot of complaints the Google Adsense team has now decided to become less hard on Good Adsense publishers who are not involved in any type of invalid activity. It was announced in a blog post on Adsense official blog last Wednesday. Following is the summary of announcements that are made:

1 Google will not ban trusted Adsense publishers accounts who are using Adsense from a long time in result of Invalid activity. Instead such accounts will be temporarily suspended. Google will work with such publishers to resolve the problems and then will enable their accounts again.

2 Appeal system for banned publishers will also be improved and they will get response for their appeal more quicker.

3 Google will provide more details about invalid activity through email to publishers.

Adsense Publishers are happy on these announcements by the Google Adsense Team and they have welcomed these announcements.

However those people who try to misuse the Adsense by fraud must know that there will be no softness for them by Google even now and they will be kicked out of the program if they done something wrong deliberately.

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