Imran Khan’s PTI Continues To Lose Popularity

As the elections of 2013 are coming closer in Pakistan that will held on any date of May  the party of Imran Khan Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) seems to continue to lose popularity in last few months.

There are two factors which proves that popularity of PTI has reduced in recent months. first factor is that many political leaders are joining N League or other parties instead of PTI and lot of PTI leaders are also leaving the party.

In the past when PTI was gaining popularity that time lot of political leaders were joining it at great speed. the second factor is the recent polls that are done in all the provinces of Pakistan that shows decrease in popularity of the PTI.


PTI started to gain popularity after Jalsa at Minar E Pakistan Lahore In October 2011. After that Jalsa lot of big political names like Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi Joined the PTI. Now at a time when popularity of the party is going down Imran Khan is planning to organize another Jalsa at Minar E Pakistan on 23rd March.

Lets see how many People Imran Khan will be able to gather this time at Minar E Pakistan and either he gets back the falling popularity of his party or it continues to go down at a time when elections are just around the corner? if same situation continued PTI may not able to win more than 25 seats in the National assembly.

on other hand N League is gaining the popularity by making alliances and arrival of political leaders in party. N league also started many schemes to attract Youth like Laptop, Solar panels, Yellow cab. Vote of Youth is very important for both PTI and N League.

Lets wait and see what steps PTI and N League takes in the coming crucial days before elections to attract the public specially Youth?

3 thoughts on “Imran Khan’s PTI Continues To Lose Popularity”

  1. PTI lost some of its following due to their busy schedule for Intra-party elections. But now,they are set to bring back the tsunami with their upcoming 23rd March Jalsa. Hopefully IK will gain his popularity back.


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