Pakistani Currency Notes Collection – Old and New Rupee Notes

Our lovely country Pakistan is blessed with so many Natural resources that we can use them for hundreds of years.  Our team will post more about Pakistan in their upcoming posts. But today I have something special for you. I have collected almost all Pakistani currency notes which are currently in use and some of them have been replaced by the new currency notes. Without further ado,let me show you some Pakistani currency notes that you haven’t seen it before.

Whole Collection of Old and New Pakistani Currency Notes

1 Rupee Currency Notes:

1 Rupee currency notes were used in Pakistan for almost 35-40 years but now coins have replaced their position. Following are the pictures of 1 Rupee Notes:

Above two currency notes were used after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. Soon they were replaced by the following 1 Rupee Currency Note:

The above one was the last 1 Rupee Note from the 1 Rupee series. Now we have 1 rupee coin instead of these currency notes.

2 Rupees Currency Note:

You will be confused to see only one image for 2 rupees currency note. But this is the truth. In Pakistan’s history, only 2 Rupee currency Note have the honor that no other 2 rupees currency note was Issued before or after it. This was the Only 2 Rupees currency note in Pakistan. This one is also replaced by a 2 rupees coin.

Update: One of our readers pointed out that there was another “2 rupee brown colored currency note in circulation from 1951-54. It is a very rare note now“, we’ll try our best to find it out of there was any and update the article accordingly.

5 Rupees Currency Notes:

5 Rupees currency note has been replaced and redesigned 5 times in Pakistan’s history.  Following are the old and new images of 5 rupees currency notes:

All of them were used in Pakistan but now they have also been replaced by 5 rupees coins. Following is a 5 rupees currency notes that most of you haven’t seen before.

Isn’t the above 5 rupees currency note image looking different? The above currency note was used in East Pakistan(Bangladesh) as you can clearly see Bengali printed on the currency note. After 1971’s separation,this 5 Rupees currency note was blocked by the new Bangladeshi Government.

10 Rupees Currency Notes:

After 5 rupees currency notes. It’s time to reveal all 10 rupees currency notes that were used in Pakistan. Following is the image of 10 rupees currency note that was used in Pakistan.

Following 10 rupee currency notes are still working in Pakistan:

As we talked earlier that before 1971’s partition,the State Bank of Pakistan was printing the currency notes for both East Pakistan(now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan(Pakistan). Below are the 10 Rupees currency notes that were used in East Pakistan(Bangladesh):

With these currency notes,early in the 1960s,Government of Pakistan also introduced Hajj Currency Notes of Rs.10 which were issued to the Pilgrims from East and West Pakistan.Following are the images of these currency notes:

These currency notes were issued to the Pilgrims from West Pakistan.
These currency notes were issued to Pilgrims from East Pakistan.

20 Rupees Currency Notes:

200 rupees currency notes were introduced approx 6-7 years ago. Following are the images of these currency notes:

50 Rupees Currency Notes:

Like all currency notes,50 rupees currency notes also got new looks once in ten years. Following 50 rupees currency note is still working in Pakistan:

Following are images of those Pakistani 50 rupees currency notes that can’t be use anymore.

Above to 50 rupees notes were used in East Pakistan.

Following currency note was used in Pakistan. A few years back the following currency note was blocked by the State Bank of Pakistan.

100 Rupees Currency Notes:

Following are 100 rupees currency notes of Pakistan and both of them are still in use:

Like the 10 Rupees Haj Notes,Government of Pakistan also introduced Rs.100 Hajj currency note which Pilgrims from Pakistan had used in Saudi Arabia. Below is the image of Rs.100 Hajj currency note:

500 Rupees Currency Notes:

Following are the images of 500 Rupees currency notes:

Following 500 rupees currency note was only available for the people of East Pakistan:

1000 Rupees Currency Note:

Following is the picture of 1000 rupees currency note of Pakistan:

5000 Rupees Currency Note:

Last currency note in our collection is Rs.1000 currency note. Have a look at this image as well:

This was all for today. I hope you will like this post. Stay tuned with us for more posts from Pakistan.

Update: State Bank of Pakistan will stop accepting old notes of Rs.100,Rs.500 and Rs.1000 after December 1st,2016. So make sure you either use these notes or exchange them from SBP before the deadline.

17 thoughts on “Pakistani Currency Notes Collection – Old and New Rupee Notes”

  1. nice posts for Pakistanis who never seen such old currency notes of Pakistan.

    I myself also have a huge collection of old currency notes fro which 3 or 4 are missing which i had just seen here.

  2. I believe there was only one set of currency for all of pakistan 1947-1971, and these notes had both Urdu and Bangla written on them – you are mistaken in stating that separate notes were used in east and west pak (how could that possibly be?). So all the notes you have listed used “only in east pakistan” are actually the only notes that were used in all pakistan during the whole time that east bengal was part of pak.

    I am sure if you do a little bith of research/questioning of people who were active at the time they will confirm this to you. Please correct in your write-up as this type of inaccuracy distorts the legal nature of the relationship during united period and of history in general.

    Other than that, nice collection!

    • I am Sorry bro, Let me check it out and see where is the Mistake, Its actually Written by Usama(Our Former Writer) and I never checked it though, now I will do it.

      • One correction in the article is that there was a Rs 2 brown coloured currency note in circulation from 1951-54. It is a very rare note now.

        Nice article overall.

        Syed Shahnawaz Nadir Shah

  3. Comment:Comment:
    Here is a mistake. After the description of 10 Rupees and from the beginning of 20 Rupees, “20 Rupees have been written as ***200***Rupees*** Yes, of course its a typing mistake and should be correct I think. Oh, one another thing. I can’t see the “100 Rupee Note” which have been used before 1971 in “East Pakistan” now Bangladesh. What about the “100 Rupee/ একশো টাকা) Note? Isn’t available or what? If that note is unavailable then I may donate that 100 Rupee note. Thank you


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