Qadri Retreated: Democracy Won while Public Lost

Though the commitment & tolerance of the Protesters at the D Chowk Islamabad was worth praising however it wasn’t enough to allow Tahir ul Qadri to get his demands approved from the government.

On the last day of Long march when the weather in Islamabad also went against the protesters Qadri seen himself trapped; and had no option but to give final dead line of 90 minutes, though he added another 45 minutes to the final deadline.

It is worth noting that consensus among all opposition and government parties on the 3rd day of long march was a major setback for long march and it was the major reason why Qadri retreated.

Tahir-Qadri Retreated Long march

Tahreek-e-Minhajul Quran’s founder Tahirual Qadri adopted very hard position against the government and highlighted the failures of the PPPP government every now and then. However game ended in a dramatically peaceful manner, resulted in major compromises on the part of Qadri.

Though Qadri Claims that he has got the success by approving some of his demands such as: dissolution of assemblies before 16th march, election within 90 days and scrutiny of contenders of election, though these points are no more than a political gimmick.

Everyone knows that assemblies will be automatically dissolved on 16th march so there is no real success if government dissolves electoral college before a week. Likewise PPPP already announced one day earlier that election will be not delayed more than 2 months, therefore the point of 90 days election is a mere joke with the public.

Similarly scrutiny of election contenders is also written in the constitution; the actual problem is the implementation which will exist after the signed agreement.

Besides these deceptive achievements Qadri already gave up his major demands of quick dissolution of national assembly including all provincial assemblies, suspension of current election commission, along with his demand from President and prime minister to step down.

Surely Tahir ul Qadri haven’t achieved anything from this public stunt however this long march expose many faces to us. The great examples of this are opposition parties. Those parties who used to criticize each other and never regrouped in the 5 year rule of PPPP even on the major public issues and for the sovereignty of the land.

However public seen very weird picture on 16th January when all opposition leaders passed the joint resolution to save the democracy. Remember that after witnessing major governance issues public was depending on opposition parties to make the accountability of zardari government and to highlight public interests in the assembly, however opposition parties remained friendly throughout the tenure.

Role of Opposition in pakistan

If we look at the role of government in the Long march so first government itself welcomed & facilitated protesters to unite in front of the parliament house, however when they realized that thing might get worst so minister Rehman malik and Qamar zaman kaira shown irresponsibility by adopting personal attacks against Qadri.

Qamar zaman kaira cracked jokes against Qadri a day before while Rehman Malik even mistreated the religious scholar by saying him Padri (Bishop). However same members of the treasury benches arrived in the bomb proofed container to initiate talks with Qadri and compel him be part of Democratic system (Art of shaking hands under the table for the personal interests – That’s how I define democracy in pakistan).

At last what are the real outcomes of this outcome? You would like to know that who won and who lost? The answer is simple compromising democracy of the country has won once again while political stuntmen remained successful to divert the public attentions from their major issues for the whole week. Congrats Democracy for winning once again and Best of luck public for the next time.

*Jiye Bhutto*

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