Top 5 Most Expensive movies

Today is the age of science and technology. Science has changed our life style. Science has also changed our ways of entertainment. Entertainment is the one of most important part of our life. With out any entertainment our life become bore and dry.Every human being has his own style and way to amuse himself.

Movies are the rising source of entertainment.Movies are like a fully scripted play.  Movies not only entertain us but also give us some lesson. Movies are of different types some are action , some are romantic ,some movies are based on new adventures and upcoming technologies and some movies have funny story. Hundreds of movies are released in world per year.Some countries use movies to refresh their old culture in their new generation.

Movies are also becoming a good way of business. Here i am sharing top ten most expensive movies of the world.

1)Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End  is named as the most expensive movie of the world. The film is made by United state. The film is released on 26th May 2007. The approximate budget of this film is about$300 million. This film is directed by Gore Verbinski and story is written by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio. The film is completed in the duration of about 2.5 year.



2)Spider-Man 3


The second most expensive movie ever made is named Spider-Man 3.  This is the 3rd arrival in the spider man series. The estimated  budget of this film is nearly about $260 million. This film is directed by Saim Raimi. This is released on 16th April 2007 by United States in English language.

Spider-Man 3


With a budget of about $242 million Avatar is third most expensive movie of the world. The script of the film is written and directed by James Cameron. Avatar is released on 10th December 2009.



One of best and most expensive animated movie of film world Tangled is the worlds 4th most expensive movie. The budget of the film is $240 million. Nathan Greno is the director of this movie.


5)John Carter

With budget of $237 million John  Carter is fifth expensive movie of world.This film is directed by Andrew Stanton one of best known director of Hollywood. Release date of film is 9th  March 2012.




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