Hijab A Part Of The Lifestyle Of Muslim Women

HijabHijab means the veil that Muslim women wear in the presence of non related men. Muslim women’s usually wear the Hijab because they have the order from their Allah, Quran and the Holy prophet (PBUH). Beside this there is a safety for women from men’s lust, women wearing hijab show herself that her femininity is not available for public consumption. There are so many news we hear about ban on hijab in many countries. I am not going to discuss it further as I think I didn’t understand the freedom correctly. in earlier time women’s were use a wreath of cloth for their veil and they were cover themselves with this .some women’s were wear the Burqa for their Hijab which is now use in the many parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Scarf is the little piece of cloth that is use for the Hijab or veil. Beside the veil women’s or girls also use it for fashion. There is different kind of scarves available by designs, formations and in different shapes. Girls also like to use fancy scarf with slightly embroidery or with laced work on it. If we look around us here is Pakistan maximum women like to use dupata or shawl to cover their front body or some time take it up on head. Scarf can be used along with dupata as it will also cover the hair. There are almost all kind of colors you will found in Scarf but mostly use simple white or black. It’s very easy to wear if you want give it a try, here are some simple instructions.

  1. You take your scarf from the one corner to another and fold it. Put the scarf on your head some that one corner is long and the other is short on your shoulder side.
  2. Now take a node set tightly on the back side of your neck.
  3. Tight it as it is comfortable for you.
  4. The long side of the scarf take in front of you and pined up it on the other side of your neck and the under of your ear.
  5. Remember that your neck, your head, your hair and your ears are covered.

How to Wear hijab

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