Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers Fake Websites All Over Internet

There are good and bad uses of almost everything on our planet similarly Internet also has many good and bad uses. lots of people use it for good purposes like gaining knowledge, doing business, chatting with relatives. on other hand there are also many blacksheeps who do wrong use of Internet. Some of these blacksheeps do spamming and scams online.

Girls Mobile Numbers


in last few years spamming on internet has increased very much with the massive growth of Internet. Recently i was shocked to see that there are hundreds of websites having Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers. Most of the numbers on these websites are fake. however some numbers are real as well.

Such websites also gets good traffic because people search for them on Google and other search engines. Owners of these websites makes money by fooling people with Fake numbers.

FIA and PTA are also silent on this situation. they should take strict action against the owner of such websites and also block these sites so that people can’t reach them.

Girls should also be careful and should never share their numbers online on social media sites.

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