What is Islam? Is Islam the religion of Peace or philosophy to hatred? (part 2)

Examining Second argument that Islam Spreads Hatred & extremism

Now we will examine this argument presented in the western & European societies. West & europe sees Islam with doubtful sight because of two major reasons.

1. 9/11, 11/11 and 26/11; including all other attacks & violence are attributed to the Muslims – So it means that all Muslims are terrorists and Islam promotes hatred.
2. Muslims way of life is somewhat that prohibits living life with personal likes & preferences – So it means that Islam is something very strict & out-of-date.

In order to analyze these two arguments we have to elaborate it differently because 1st one is the acts while the 2nd one is purely a religious matter.

The first argument of inferring that all muslims are terrorists or Islam promotes hatred is totally wrong & invalid. If we deduce that the actions of few hundreds of muslims depicts the believe of 1.8 billion population of the world, then anyone can argue that say that 31 million Americans are terrorists because America bombed Japan, they attacked on Iraq, Afghanistan and interfered in many other sovereign states.

If both parties are involved the Brutal attacks then why Muslims are called terrorist and west is not? This is actually the big question which is usually hidden from the eyes of most of us. The simple answer to this question that is that most western people give is because:
1. Muslims do attack first
2. They attack on civilians
3. They attack just because they hate non-muslims or they want to impose their thinking on west

On the other hand the attacks and involvements of America and other western states are totally justified because:


1. They attacks are to defend themselves.
2. Because the civilian causalities are very low when they attack
3. Their attacks are aimed at bringing peace in the world


Have we ever thought that how we discoverd these two justifications? Is these justifications or written in any book, or it is a pre-understood thing? Have we ever thought that these things are drilled into our mind? Have we ever thought that we may be wrong? Have we ever tried to search the other side of the picture? The answer to all these questions is No.

All these justifications are presented by the Media, the international media whom reports are trusted like they are the words of God. Have we ever analyzed the number of blunders or the degree of biasness shown by the media? Yes most of us realized that media is biased most of times, but when it comes to Islam and muslims; every news, report and arguments are given high weightage.
According to Miss Juri Lina the author of the famous book Architects of deception, the international media is a big and most effective player of international conspiracy. That highlights a particular agenda because they are funded and supported for that purpose. If you condemn this argument by saying that world is without conspiracies so you are wrong. You need to update your knowledge. Because the findings of Julian assange the founder and editor of famous wiki leaks have proven this fact to everyone that present world is full of conspiracies.

So for this reason it becomes very essential to study and find out the facts from the mess. If you cannot trust someone in your life who betrayed you once so how you can trust the findings and facts of biased media? As a man of understanding you need find and establish the reality. If you don’t find reality and keep trusting your disloyal friend then you can imagine that you’re this dishonest friend can lead to you darkest well.

Now if we discuss the second objection against islam that it restricts the ones own way of living the life. Yes this argument is very true. Islam don’t allow is followers to live life in their own way but it gives a key of success in shape of guidance. Guidance from the creator who wants us to be successful. This guidance is just like a code of conduct to run and smooth in the functions of any organization, and to enable the organization to achieve it purposes.

This is not a rocket science, it is just a logical think that if a giant organization cannot achieve its purposes an remain successful then how human beings can be happy and successful without following any rules. After all human beings are not like animals to live their lives aimlessly. Their should live with some purpose. Moreover the rules of islam are not so rigid you have to just be clean hearted and make responsible yourself to Allah (The God) and not to others. However  if someone among Muslims do something wrong so one has no right to say that Islam spread hatred; rather then one make him accountable for deviating from the message of peace of his own religion.


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