Decline of English Football


With Arsenal out of the champions league, fears for English football have once again taken a centre stage as there is no representative from England remaining in the competition at relatively early stages of quarter final in the champions league. Manchester United were eliminated by Real Madrid whereas Arsenal were beaten by Bayern Munich. Defending champions Chelsea and English champions Manchester City were knocked out at group stages.

Not long ago, there were three teams out of 4 in the champions league semi finals in 2007. In last 7 seasons, England had 6 teams in finals of the competition as well. With such a heavy participation from the teams in England, it was widely touted that English Premier League is the best in whole of Europe.

However, that has changed in recent seasons and the concerns have now reached the penultimate. Arsene Wenger after watching his team beaten by German Side Bayern Munich admitted that rest of the Europe has catch up with the English league which is a real concern for premier league because they are no longer the dominate forces in Europe.

However, in eyes of many experts, the reason pointed out by Wenger is totally right as the emergence of Borrusia Dortmund through their youth system along with the juggernaut of Bayern Munich from Germany has to be noted. The maintained dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid from Spain are also another reason for the failure of English teams in European Competition.

The emergence of PSG from France cannot be ignored as well. Moreover, teams like Galatasaray and Malaga are also investing heavily in their squads. Juventus from Italy are also building up a youthful and technical squad to challenge the English teams.

We have also seen top talents like Arjen Robben, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Javier Mascherano, Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas to name a few who have been the transfer targets for big European clubs transferred to Spanish teams and German teams. So it can be said, that English teams now must focus on buying super stars once again or revert to the youth academy approach opted by Borrusia Dortmund in order to regain the power in European football.

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